About Us

We Create Artworks, Concepts,
& customization, by hand.
Handmade and original

Genuine artisanal handicraft items are made entirely by hand and use only a few tools.

We’ve always been fascinated with the range of things artists can do with only their hands and creative skills. It is mindboggling when you think about all the moldable, but also rigid materials out there. Wall Art, for us, was a way to shift from being a ‘just average’ artist to someone with a real voice. With our art, we merge the riveting qualities of re-used tiles and the trend and culture of modern images.

The birth of a Wall Art piece

To make a Wall Art piece, we first choose a re-used wooden tile or a ceramic tile witch would normally end up in the trash. Some tiles go better with fashion art, other pieces with flowers or other items. We then manually transfer the perfect photo to the tile, where some of the characteristics might still shine through. It is these marks and imperfections that make Wall Art so satisfying to create and to own. We might use the same image again on another re-used tile, but as the pieces are so different, it ensures that no Wall Art product is the same. Each piece then gets a glossy layer of epoxy resin. It transforms the image and the tile to look like an updated, exclusive tile. Separate tiles are glued together to form a cohesive whole.   

Wall Art is where indigenous material, a modern look, and the individuality of simple but strong images meet.